How to add links to your blog posts

  1. Highlight the word or sentence you want be hyperlinked.
  2. Click the hyperlink button in the toolbar. This will bring up a box where you enter the URL of your hyperlink and a title to be displayed on hover. You can also click this check box to open the link in a new tab.
  3. Add a title to the link (this is optional). The title of the link will appear when a visitor hovers over the text. You can also click the checkbox to open the link in a new tab when clicked.
  4. After you’ve finished entering the URL information, click Add Link. In Visual mode, the highlighted text will be underlined and blue to let you that it is linked. In Text mode the highlighted text will be wrapped with the HTML link code.
  5. To remove the link, select your text again and click the unlink button. Now you’ll see that your link has been removed.

URL: The URL of the link (include http:// at the start for external blogs).

Title (Optional): Title of the link when a visitor hovers over it (a small tool tip will appear with the title).

Open Link in a New Window/Tab: If this box is checked clicking on your link will open up a new window/tab.

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